How it works

MamiCup is the first menstrual cup made in Italy and designed by a woman for all women.
It’s a modern, safe, eco-friendly, and convenient solution that simplifies your period. You can also use it overnight, when you swim, travel, and practice sports!
MamiCup is shaped like an inverted bell and fits into the vagina after bending, at a lower position than disposable tampons.

The MamiCup period cup is made of soft, certified medical silicone.
It collects the flow naturally and hygienically, protecting you from discomfort, irritations, allergies.
Remove it every 4-8 hours, rinse, and re-insert. Month after month, for many years.

Does it really work?

It works so well that when a woman tries it for the first time, she’s wondering why she didn’t before! The MamiCup period cup gives you the freedom you’ve never felt: you can keep it in for 8 hours straight when you’re away from home or overnight, you can swim without worries and practice sports.
Besides, it’s incredibly comfortable: once inserted, you will forget it’s there.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to wear it

It is normal and you’re not alone with this fear. MamiCup may be a new product for you, but the first menstrual cup was on the US market as early as the 1930s.
Inserting and removing the cup is extremely simple. It just takes a little bit of practice. It’s much harder to explain what to do than actually do it.
Millions of women around the world use period cups. If it were that hard, do you think they would?

Is the material safe?

Yes, we use safe and high-quality material. MamiCup is hypoallergenic and does NOT contain latex, phthalates, perfumes, whiteners, harmful chemicals, or animal-derived substances.

How to use?

Using MamiCup is a piece of cake.

Step by step instructions on how to use the MamiCup Menstrual Cup

You will find a useful instruction booklet in each MamiCup package. If you lose it, you can download it here.

First time with a menstrual cup? Here are 4 tips!

1. Practice before your period
To start getting used to your new MamiCup, try inserting and removing it when you’re not on your period.

2. Wear a pantyliner for more comfort

The first few times you wear MamiCup, especially if you’re used to disposable tampons and sanitary pads, you may not place it correctly on the first go.
Wear a pantyliner for extra protection, especially when you’re away from home.

3. Consider cutting the stem of the cup
If you feel a slight tingle as you move, you may need to trim the stem of your MamiCup. Before doing this, make sure you position the cup correctly: don’t push it as high as you would with a tampon, but insert it slightly lower.

Walk around and try to sit with the cup inserted at the right height. If you still feel discomfort, shorten the stem a little at a time, making several attempts.
Wait for your period before cutting the stem definitively: that’s the time when the cervix structure changes!

4. Use a lubricant
Help yourself with water or a water-based lubricant during the first few uses: fittin in the cup will be much easier.

How can I clean a MamiCup period cup?

  • Before use
  • Make sure the 4 holes on the top of the cup are open.
    If they aren’t, help yourself with a needle or pin.
    Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap.
    Boil it for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water: it is now sterilized and ready for use!

  • During your period
  • Always wash your hands before inserting and after removing a MamiCup.
    Wash the cup with mild soap and water every time you empty it.
    Avoid irritations by making sure you get rid of any soap residue.

    If you’re away from home, use a water bottle to rinse your MamiCup. If you don’t have one available, simply use tissue paper to clean it. At the next convenient time, clean the cup thoroughly.

  • After your period
  • Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap.
    Boil it for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water.
    Let it air dry.
    Store it in its cotton bag until next use.

  • Cleaning the holes
  • Make sure you give the 4 holes at the top of your cup much attention to maintain and release the sealing effect. For a correct use of MamiCup, they should always be open and unobstructed.
    If necessary, push a needle or pin through each hole. Be careful not to damage the cup.

    Over time, your MamiCup may fade. This happens to menstrual cups of any brand and does not compromise effectiveness in any way.

    What to avoid
    Don’t leave MamiCup unattended while boiling. If the water totally evaporates, the cup will melt.
    Don’t expose MamiCup to direct sunlight.
    Don’t store MamiCup in a plastic bag/container or where it cannot “breathe”.
    Don’t sterilize MamiCup in the dishwasher.
    Don’t wash MamiCup with scented or harsh soaps.
    Don’t use tea tree oil, vinegar, chemicals, oil-based lubricants, or alcohol.



    The stem must never stick out from the vagina
    If you feel discomfort when sitting or walking and a “pinching” at the entrance to the vagina, it means that the stem is too long: shorten it according to your body shape.

    How to cut it:
    Remove MamiCup and use clean scissors or a nail clipper.
    Some women find that cutting the stem off completely is more comfortable. Do it only if you are sure you know how to extract MamiCup without needing it.


    The use of menstrual cups dates back to the 1930s and has never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
    TSS is a severe and sometimes fatal disease caused by a bacterial toxin linked to Staphylococcus Aureus. TSS is often associated with the use of traditional sanitary pads.
    Its symptoms resemble those of flu: sudden high fever (> 39° C), muscle ache, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, rashes similar to erythema or sunstroke.
    If you experience any of these symptoms, remove MamiCup and consult a doctor immediately. If you have suffered from TSS before, consult your doctor before using MamiCup.


    In case of gynecological problems, talk to your trusted doctor before using MamiCup.
    The MamiCup period cup is not a contraceptive method and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
    If you experience pain, burning sensations, or inflammation when urinating, remove MamiCup immediately and contact your doctor.
    It is not necessary to remove the cup before weeing and pooing, but it is necessary to remove it before sex.
    We recommend that you do not exchange your cup with other women.
    Keep the cup out of the reach of children or pets.