Our history

We believe that periods should NEVER represent a limit.
This is why we wanted a practical and sustainable solution for you and the environment.
MamiCup was born as a challenge: create an entirely Italian menstrual cup, making it easily accessible to all women.

The story starts back in 2010, when Silvia, the founder of MamiCup, personally tried a period cup and was so surprised by such a brilliant, comfortable, practical, and low-cost solution that she decided to produce it herself.

Finally, in 2012, Silvia was holding her first MamiCup.

From the idea of ​​a woman, to help all other women.

The company developed from Silvia’s project to create and produce eco-friendly products for feminine hygiene, made in Italy and in compliance with personal and market needs, both in terms of quality and practicality.

We strongly believe in our products and continue to invest in real Made in Italy. We strongly believe in our products and continue to invest in real Made in Italy. We don’t care for shortcuts, and this is why the path we chose was everything but simple: we traveled a tiring road, however, without losing sight of ethics.

Our desire is to allow all women to experience their period with no worries, feeling free and safe with our products. 
For this reason, we hope our products gain a value that goes well beyond the economic one.

Proudly Italian

From the very beginning, the goal we set and achieved with enthusiasm was to keep the production entirely Italian and with a short supply chain.

We intend to reduce as much as possible the impact of the production phases and final transportation. This is also why our production is environmentally friendly, starting from the company that uses photovoltaic panels to FSC certified packaging.

Always close to you

We continue to pay particular attention to the product’s availability on the market: we believe it is necessary for women’s well-being.
MamiCup is now available in many specialized stores, from home cleaning to large-scale distribution chains, pharmacies, herbalist shops and stores selling eco-friendly products.

2019 was a very important year: MamiCup reached the shelves of large retailer stores and therefore supermarkets, ready to be purchased in any moment of need.

Nevertheless, in early 2020 we reached another great milestone: we obtained the FDA certification for our MamiCup period cup!
This guarantees you, and us as a company, the highest quality and product safety.

Want to learn more about menstrual cups? On our site we have a full section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), on how to choose your size and where you can browse all the benefits of using a cup!

For any other doubts or questions, please contact us!