Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Advance bank transfer


When a customer makes a payment through a credit card, the sum is debited from his card and simultaneously credits our company’s current account. The technology that allows you to make secure payments is called a payment gateway.
Pay Pal is a payment gateway with one big difference from others: it allows direct access to your account.
This means that if you are a registered PayPal user, you can make the payment by simply entering your email address and password without needing to have a credit card at hand. You can check the transaction on your PayPal account completely free of charge.
However, it is not necessary to be registered. If you are not registered, the payment will be made through the virtual POS system offered by PayPal. In this case, you will have to enter your details and those of the credit card you intend to use.
The system accepts credit cards from the MASTERCARD circuit, CARTA AURA, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and prepaid POSTEPAY type cards.
The most significant advantage of paying through credit card is the speed in order processing. In fact, our PayPal account is credited at the same moment your payment is made.

Bank transfer

The bank transfer costs 3-5 euros if made directly at the bank counter. If done online, it costs much less. The most significant limitation of a payment through bank transfer is your order’s processing times, which will take place as soon as we receive the sum credited by you to our company account, usually 2/3 days after your transfer order.
To speed dispatch and shipping operations, we advise to email us the bank transfer and its CRO number (it is the number produced by the banking system for the successful confirmation of the operation, indicates the banking operation and is found on the bank transfer receipt). Send these details to or text +39 389 5555367. We kindly ask you to specify your order number, name, and last name.
The amount must be paid using the following bank details:

Account holder: MADALU' SRL
Account number: IT09V0890436120046000744133
Banca Prealpi del Veneto Orientale Fil. Fossalta di Portogruaro

However, you will receive this information also in your order confirmation email.