Why choose a MamiCup period cup?

Why choose a MamiCup period cup?

Safe and reliable

MamiCup is made of medical-grade silicone, which is safe and suitable for women who have latex allergies or very sensitive skin. It is the perfect choice for avoiding chemicals in contact with the vaginal mucosa: no whiteners, additives, perfumes, pesticides, or phthalates are used.

No dryness is caused, unlike tampons that absorb the flow and the protective mucosa, altering your vaginal pH.

No irritations, redness, discomfort or humidity.

Your period is no longer a limit.

With MamiCup you don’t have to give up on anything as it offers complete freedom of movement. Step in and out of the water without having to change. Practice sports and continue to be as active as you like to be.

No more worries: empty MamiCup every 4/8 hours. A menstrual cup holds three times more than a regular sanitary pad or tampon!

No bulky supplies: MamiCup can be used day and night throughout your entire menstrual cycle. When traveling, pack only one small bag.

STOP the rushing: wherever you are, count on a worry-free period with MamiCup, even when it arrives unexpectedly! No last minute dash to find a supermarket.

Less Waste, More Savings

Reduce your monthly waste: one menstrual cup will last up to 10 years. No more throwing away sanitary pads, tampons, applicators, plastic bags, and strips.

This waste takes a very long time to biodegrade. Consider that 45,000 million pads and tampons are thrown away every year around the world. Choose to help the environment, switch to MamiCup.

MamiCup is made of medical-grade silicone: a material composed of silica and arenaceous, two elements abundantly present in nature and totally recyclable.


MamiCup vs. Tampons

MamiCup is good for your health


  • Absorb vaginal fluids and alter the vaginal pH
  • Can cause irritations and discomfort, as well as TSS
  • They are often bleached and treated with chemicals to increase absorbency
  • They contain perfumes and antibacterials


  • It doesn’t cause dryness, nor does it disturb your vaginal pH
  • Hypoallergenic and safe (no TSS)
  • Not altered by chemicals

It keeps the vagina healthy and balanced thanks to the fluid produced daily. Classic tampons can often be the cause of many vaginal disorders.

Tampons absorb vaginal fluids causing dryness. This weakens the vaginal environment and leads to irritations.

MamiCup offers comfort and freedom


  • You need to change it often
  • Bulky packages in your luggage
  • Uncomfortable and wet, especially during the night
  • The string can easily get wet


  • You can go 8 hours before emptying
  • Swim without worries
  • Only one cup is needed when traveling
  • Nothing sticking out
  • Peaceful nights

MamiCup vs. Other Cups

MamiCup and its accessories are all products made with care in Italy.

MamiCup saves you money
MamiCup costs less than 20.00 euros. We chose to maintain an affordable price to offer as many women as possible the opportunity to use a MamiCup.

MamiCup is softer
The MamiCup period cup is softer than many other cups.
This makes it easier to remove and insert and therefore, more comfortable for many women.

The stem is more flexible and does not accommodate bacteria
The stem of the MamiCup period cup is delicate and flexible.
Some cups have a perforated stem that hosts bacteria and causes blood to stagnate.
MamiCup has a closed cylindrical stem. Therefore it does not hold bacteria and is easier to clean.

The upper rim is softer
MamiCup is much easier to fold.
Once inserted, it exerts less pressure on the vaginal canal. Therefore it is also appreciated by women with vaginal sensitivity.

The holes are higher
This makes MamiCup larger than other cups.
The space available to collect the flow is greater, making it also suitable for women with heavy flow.