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Size guide

Size choice depends mainly on your pelvic muscle tone (the muscles that hold the cup in place inside the vagina).

Tonicity is affected by:

  • CHILDBIRTH: when giving birth naturally, the baby's passage can change the shape of the vagina.
    Usually, after natural birth, a larger cup size L is recommended.
  • AGE: usually (but not always), as we age, the tone of the pelvic floor muscles decreases.
    Therefore after age 30, we recommend the larger L size.

    For very young girls, we always recommend the small size M.

  • PHYSICAL CONDITION: If a woman is very sporty, her general muscle tone will usually be high.
    So it is possible (but not obvious) for her to use a small size M, even if she is over 30 years old.
    Yoga, Pilates, horseback riding, and dance are some activities that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The size difference between the two options is slight, however, it is of great importance.

A cup that fits too small for you may shift and therefore leak.
A large one, however, may not open correctly in the vagina and cause dripping.

If you’re not sure which size to pick, you can choose to purchase the MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack (sizes M + L).

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If you have any doubts about what size to choose, please contact us.

Wondering what size your cup is? Look on the inside, under the ring, and you will find the letter M or L.