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MamiCup Starter Pack

Regular price €44,90

Choose the MamiCup Starter Pack: get a variety of products with your menstrual cup for complete safety and hygiene during use
The pack includes a cup, sterilizer, sanitizing spray and gel, mami-protectors, and lubricating gel.

More details

The package includes a MamiCup menstrual cup with instructions and an organic cotton bag for storage.

Together with the cup you will receive:

  • a handy resealable MamiCase sterilizing container, or sanitizing or storing your cup when you’re away from home

  • a 100 ml travel-size sanitizing spray to clean your cup quickly and efficiently

  • a 100 ml travel-size water-based lubricating gel, useful for making insertion of your MamiCup menstrual cup easier

The package includes:

  • 1 MamiCup with instructions and organic cotton bag

  • 1 MamiCase Resealable Sterilizing Container

  • 1 100 ml Sanitizing Spray

  • 1 100 ml Lubricating Gel