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Mamipad Washable Day Pad

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The Mamipad washable day pad is a useful and safe solution for your menstrual cycle.
Made of hypoallergenic and resistant materials, it avoids irritations, sweating, and discomfort.
Available in multiple colors and easy to wash. Save money on your period and reduce your waste output.

Technical features

Made in Italy
Reusable for medium flow
Length: 25.5 cm


Mamipad is made of:

  • 1 layer of certified bamboo that is so comfy against your skin.
  • 2 inside layers of super absorbing microfiber.
  • 1 back layer of safe and leakproof PUL.

More details

Mamipads are made of Oeko-tex certified Italian bamboo.
Bamboo is ecological, as it is grown without pesticides and has a close-to-zero environmental impact. Very pleasant on the skin and naturally antibacterial, it guarantees excellent absorbency.
The outer layer that is not in contact with the skin is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate), a waterproof, stain-proof sanitary pad material.

How to use?

It’s very simple: secure Mamipad to your underwear by folding the wings and fastening the button.
The soft bamboo layer goes against your skin while the PUL layer touches your underwear to prevent spots.
When you change, remove the panty liner, fold it, and secure the snap button.
Put it in the waterproof wet bag specially designed for Mamipads: stain-less, odor-less, and no worries until you get back home.
Change your Mamipad as often as you used to replace disposable sanitary pads.

How to wash?

Mamipads can be washed by hand or thrown in the washing machine up to 60°C. Air-dry or tumble-dry.
Possibly use an eco-friendly product. Do not use softeners or bleach: they ruin the product and are harmful to health and the environment.
Do not use fabric softener and do not iron Mamipads.
Mamipads will not fade: you can wash them together even if they are of various colors.

Follow instructions for use and washing: your washable Mamipads will last for years.

What sizes chan I choose?

15 × 5 cm

daily protection, light flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 1 layer of super absorbing microfiber
  • 1 outer layer of waterproof PUL
25,5 × 7,5 cm  
medium flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 2 layers of super absorbing microfiber
  • 1 outer layer of waterproof PUL
MAMIPAD NIGHT 30  × 8 cm night, heavy flow
  • 1 top layer of bamboo
  • 2 layers of super absorbing microfiber
  • 1 outer layer of waterproof PUL


The package contains:

  • 1 Mamipad Washable Day Pad