MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack - Sizes M + L Pink
MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack - Sizes M + L Light Blue
MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack - Sizes M + L Violet
MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack - Sizes M + L Clear

MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack - Sizes M + L

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Choose the practical MamiCup Duo Period Cup Pack: a useful and practical solution that always meets your needs!
This pack of 2 MamiCup Period Cups, one in size M and one in size L, is particularly suitable for those who want to try the menstrual cup without having doubts about what size fits best.
Convenient and practical, the 2-piece pack allows you to try MamiCup and immediately choose the size that’s right for you.
Purchase MamiCup, the first 100% Made in Italy menstrual cup.

More details

MamiCup is the first Made in Italy menstrual cup, designed to collect menstrual flow in a natural and hygienic way. Cups are made of certified medical-grade silicone, which is soft, easy to use and clean. Latex-free and hypoallergenic, it protects you from discomfort, irritations, and allergies.
Folds and fits into the vaginal canal, empties every 4-8 hours, and lasts up to 10 years.
It is a modern, safe, eco-friendly, and inexpensive solution that simplifies your period days. You can also use it during the night, when you swim, travel, and play sports!
The MamiCup package always includes a handy cotton bag for storage.

How to choose the rights size?

Size M if:
you are under 30
have never given birth

Size L if:
you are over 30
have given birth

The package includes:
  • 2 MamiCup period cups
  • 2 cotton bags
  • 2 instruction booklets
Whenever you wish, download the instruction booklet here